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Coolest Homemade Potato Head Costumes

We always dress up as a family with a theme on Halloween and it’s always a secret. Last year we chose the Potato Heads. It was a great idea and fairly simple as long as you allow enough time to complete the details. Because our heads were covered, people had to guess who we were! It was awesome!!

The Homemade Potato Head Costumes were made out of fleece (I lined it and stuffed with plastic grocery bags and stuffing so we could move freely). Features that weren’t fleece were cotton (stuffed for 3 dimension)and extra material I had from other projects. Hats were paper mache’ and took the most time but were definitely worth it! They covered our faces. We cut slits and covered them with netting so we could see. Adult gloves were homemade as well. Purse and earrings were foam.

We were a hit everywhere we went and people couldn’t get over how real everything looked.

7 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Potato Head Costumes”

  1. You guys did a great job I love them. We are going as toy story I’m going to Mrs potato head sense i expecting in will not need stuffing.

  2. I remember this being challenging. We did a regular hat shape like the others with an big “punch ball” balloon from the $1 store, then attached cardboard/poster board for the brim. We did it in stages to help with the sturdiness. Then added the foam flower for decoration.

    We cut the slender rectangle shape for the eyes so we could all see and hot glued same color netting. It worked well, we could see out but people couldn’t see in.

  3. Sorry, I didn’t have a pattern. I just estimated an egg shape for each family member, allowing room for stuffing in the lining.

  4. I love the purple hat with the flower but I cannot figure out how to make the brim. Could you explain how you did it?

  5. I love these costumes!! My daughter wants to be Mrs. But I am not all that crafty! Any help would be appreciated! What did you make the face out of? How much fleece for each one? Thank you!

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