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Coolest Homemade Porta Potty Costume

To match the potty humor of my son, we decided to create the costume that fits his humor. We created a homemade porta potty costume that came with sound effects. When the door was opened to the outhouse, the loud sound of gas was passed all with a remote push of the button from my son (just what every boy wants). We created the porta potty with a wood frame which we then covered with cardboard. We then found contact paper that looked like wood grain. We drew black lines on the contact paper. Inside, we plastered his legs to make it more realistic and proportion to his size. The hanging toilet paper and the moon cut out of the door was an added touch.

We put wheels on the bottom to make it easier for him to get around so he wouldn’t have to lift the whole costume while walking. There were also handles inside that he could hold onto if needed.

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