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Coolest Homemade Pop-Tart Costume

I wanted to be something different for Halloween so I thought why not a delicious treat that everyone enjoys. I decided on a Homemade Pop-Tart Costume. When I was younger my mom made me a basketball outfit with fabric, so I figured instead of making a circle shaped costume I would beg my mom to make me a square costume i.e. the basic shape of a Poptart.

Things You Need: You will need fabric/felt from the fabric store, pipe cleaners, a glue gun, and a sewing machine.

How-To-Do: First my mom and I purchased brown and white material from the craft store, Joann’s. Then my mom made her own pattern of a square, and sewed a big brown square. She then cut out a white piece of felt to make the frosting, and sewed that onto the brown. Next, I used pipe cleaners (assorted colors) and cut them into small pieces. I then hot glued them onto the white, to make sprinkles.

Then my mom created another brown square for the back, and made two small straps to hold the pieces together, and enabled me to place it on my shoulders. Then we went online, found a logo for Poptart and pinned it on the front with a safety pin. (So people wouldn’t be confused).

Tips for costume: It really helps if you know how to sew.

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  1. ok its only august and i already chose what i wanted to be… nyan cat (hes a grey cat who has the body of a poptart and poops rainbows)any wayz… they didnt have a coustume…so i went back to basics buying grey cat ears on ebay was easy and i have some rainbow fabric that i can sew on the poptart outfit. that left the poptart ive looked all over for a place to buy one and was resorted to making one i kept on looking and finally low and behold i found u thx for saving my Halloween! (^o^)/


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