Coolest Homemade Popeye Costume

We went with a Popeye Costume this year to honor my son’s Great Grandpa (his nickname in the Navy was Popeye). Of course those costumes are impossible to find for a toddler and look super fake. I started with a black tshirt and blue sweats from Walmart (had to buy long sleeve and cut the sleeves off since summer stuff was already gone!).

I bought 1 sheet of yellow felt and 3 sheets of red felt (backup in case I messed up!). I used the top of a can of pop to measure my yellow buttons and then hot glued them to the front of the shirt. I cut a half circle out of the red felt and hot glued it to the neck of the shirt and then used permanent marker to draw on the black lines. I ripped open the seams and cut off the bottom of the sweats. I then used the no sew iron seam stuff and re-hemmed the pants. I took the pieces I cut off and attached them to the inside of the shirt sleeves for depth.

For the muscle arms, I took a pair of little girl nylons and cut the legs off of the waist portion. I then snipped a small hole for his thumb and a larger hole for his other fingers. Quilt batting and paper medical tape were used to create the fat arms. I actually taped the batting to his upper arms and then just taped it to itself on the lower portion. Fit nylons over the top and use the tape to attach them to upper arms under the shirt sleeves. Hat came from eBay. I’ve also used a new and unused paint can to create a “can of spinach” for the treat pail! Voila! Popeye!