Cool Homemade Poison Ivy Halloween Costume

The deadliest Villain in comic book History! I had always wanted to be Poison Ivy, but the creative spark didn’t hit me until I walked into Walmart and saw a Yellow slip trimmed with lace flowers, and I saw the Homemade Poison Ivy Halloween Costume come alive!

This was such an easy costume! The slip was $10, the shoes (Bright green mesh flats, also bought at Walmart) were $5, and the other ingredients were about $20 altogether. I dyed the slip from yellow to green, took green dimensional fabric paint (in 2 different shades) and drew snakes of vines in different places, and sprinkled them with green glitter. Then I glued fake ivy leaves in different spots (I especially liked it up the one strap) and put some of the fabric paint on those to add glitter there, as well.

The gloves are just fishnet with a hole for you pinky and thumb, bought at any accessories store, which I sewed a couple of leaves onto. (I had red fishnets on, too, but those are just for added effect). Add a couple of the leaves to the shoes, spray some red hair color on, throw on a little face paint and green nail polish, and you?re good to go!

Don’t forget your bright red lipstick! It’s an Ivy signature!