Sexy DIY Poison Ivy Costume Idea

Last year(2009) I decided to make my own costume for the first time. It took me forever but I finally decided on a Poison Ivy costume, who was my favorite character as a kid. It was super easy and cheap to make. I made the most of what I already had.

For the top: I had a plain white corset that I had worn for a wedding three years ago under a bridesmaid dress. I went to Wal-mart and got two bottles of green spray paint for about $2:50 each. The spray paint took really well to the fabric so I only had to apply it once.

For the bottoms: I already had a pair of black tights so I just went to Target and bought a pair of black boy shorts to go over they only cost about $6.00.

For the boots: I went to the Goodwill and got a pair of boots that were only $8.00 and used the remaining green spray paint. That was a little tricky since they were made out of a shiny material so I would recommend using some that may be more matte.

For the leaves: I was lucky enough to find a huge fake plant at the Goodwill for only $2.00. It wasn’t exactly ivy but it did the job just fine. I took the leaves off and hot glued them to the corset, and boots and sewed them to the shorts.

For the wig: Sadly this was the most expensive part of the costume. I waited till the last minute to order it and had to pay more for faster delivery. It cost about $50.00

So all together I spent about $71 and it was definitely worth it. Everyone loved it and I cant wait to start thinking about next year!

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  1. This is so cool! you did an AMAZING job!!!!! I really love the boots!!! i saw a bunch of other poison ivy costumes, but this one definitely takes the cake. I hope you will post lots of more costumes as amazing as this one!

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