Coolest Homemade Plastic Army Man Creative Halloween Costume

This was my favorite costume I have made to date. I hate using other people’s ideas but once I saw this I knew I had to try it out for myself.

Everything is spray painted using Rustoleum spray paint. The color was Satin leafy green. I wanted to use a gloss spray to look more plastic but this color matched my face paint well. the color ended up working fine.

I bought a helmet from an army navy store, canteen from target and made my own binoculars and bazooka from PVC pipe. I also bought two place-mats for the base for me to stand on. The mats were glued together and could be easily rolled up and put away. I thought this was easier than attaching a base to my feet and having people step on them all night. I didn’t want to buy boots so I just used an old pair of Adidas sneakers… not as authentic but it was pretty funny to have Adidas painted green. It just added a little humor to the costume.

The shirt and pants were just cheap clothes I bought form Walmart. After three coats of spray paint, the clothes looked great. the clothes were a little stiff but it actually made the costume look better. The bazooka, binocular, etc. just took a few coats of spray paint and looked perfect.

The homemade plastic army man creative Halloween costume was a hit during the party. The bazooka got to be a pain to walk around with so I just started posing with the binoculars instead. If you have the time to make this costume, definitely do it.