Coolest Homemade Plastic Army Man Costume

I put this Homemade Plastic Army Man Costume together using ideas from your site; I particularly loved the costume of the plastic army man and thought I could do it as well or better.

It took about ten hours to paint my clothing, boots, helmet, gun and accessories and get the right color. I used a primer for all the plastic parts and had to coat the boots and gun three times before they looked right. I color matched everything to my coat. I painted my face, hair and hands with the color matched paint. I used a sponge brush applicator and interior latex paint.

The hardest part was keeping my hands painted. After a few hours the palms of my hands started losing the paint.

The costume was a hit and easy to wear. After the party, I used soap and lots of water to clean off the paint. My son loved the costume and did not want me to go to the party as you can see. Thanks for looking.

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  1. I also loved this idea from the site previously. It is just the most fun costume! Well done. Wonder if there is a trick to keeping paint on hands? Maybe next time – gloves?

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