Coolest Homemade Pink Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

I decided on a Homemade Pink Mad Hatter Halloween Costume out of a last minute costume evolution from being another character taken from my favorite comic book. I purchased the stockings online, the vest was a STEAL from a thrift store ($2), I purchased the jacket at a cheap local shop, my friend just happened to have that awesome skirt lying in her closet (yoink!).

I got the gloves at my local .99 store and cut off the tips. I found the pink shirt at a thrift store as well and cut off the sleeves as well as took in the sides and back so it was nice and tight. I used the cuffs to the shirt as stylish additions to the gloves. Since the vest was too small to close, I used pink ribbon to make a corset effect on the front. I purchased light pink fabric to tie around the hat and make a bow tie.

I measured my neck for a tie around piece, made a nice big bow and attached it to the piece with fabric glue. I didn’t want to have to fidget around with a bow tie all night. Now for the hat, I already had a top hat from a previous Halloween but it was not Mad Hatter worthy. With poster board, staples, fabric glue, a tape measure, black canvas, imagination and patience, I vertically extended the hat, widened the top and extended the sides of the hat. It still came out a bit crooked but the point got across. I took light pink feathers and glued them on the underside as “hair”.

I used Avery label paper for the 10/6 ticket which came handy in sturdiness when faced with rain. The teapot purse was very last minute. I drew a teapot shape onto doubled up fabric, when I cut, I left a flap on one side. Sewed both sides together and used Velcro and fabric glue to make the flap functional and used a shoe lace as a flap. The neck of the pot was too droopy so I stuffed it with cotton. At last minute, I took one of my fancy teacups and tied it around my neck. It didn’t break but it did hit me in the face once. You really can’t see but I took one of my cat’s mouse toys and pinned it to my chest.

The boots I had already. I could’ve done black combat boots but I would be dancing all night in this costume so it had to be comfortable. I have largely my machine and fabric glue to thank for the costume. I’m certainly wearing it again for New Years.

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  1. Im going to an adult Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party this sunday! I had NO idea what to wear, and don’t want to spend any money either! I have the majority of the clothes you have on! Im going to go and get some of those cool pink stripped socks and find a hat at a party store! Thanks sooooooo much! I will be the baddest and cutest Mad Hatter Around!

    Thanks again! You Look Fabulous=)

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