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Coolest Homemade Peter Puck Costume

Always fun trying to come up with a new and different costume for one of our five children. Keenen loves hockey, but we wanted something different then a player… so we used the old CBC cartoon Peter Puck.

This homemade Peter Puck costume was made out of felt, foam and core board so it was very light… He loved it!

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7 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Peter Puck Costume”

  1. This costume is awesome….!!
    My son is having his 6th birthday this month and it will be hockey themed…
    His older brother would like to make this costume( with our help) and dress up in it for all the kids….
    Can you share how you made it….?
    Awesome job!!! ;)

    Thanks from an impressed Ontario mom!!;)

  2. Hi there! We love the costume!!!! Is there any chance you are getting into he business of costume making??? if so we have a little guy who will be one around halloween and this is exactly what we want to find for him!!!

    here is my email address: germainepike@hotmail.com

    pls let me know!


  3. My son has asked for a Peter puck themed birthday for his upcoming 6th birthday. Would you consider making an adult size of this costume? A surprise visit from Peter puck would be a wonderful surprise! Please contact me at vavoulm@yahoo.ca

  4. I see you may have made some costumes for others. If you are interested in making another for sale please email me at apriltorkos[at]gmail[dot]com . Otherwise, do you have more specific details available on how to make this costume? Thanks so much!

  5. Hi!

    This costume is so awesome. We live in Manitoba. Is there any chance you’d be willing to make one for us to purchase?

    Thanks so much.


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