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Coolest Homemade Pebbles Flinstone Costume

I made my 9 month old daughter a Homemade Pebbles Flinstone Costume. She was Pebbles from the Flintstones. I used bright pink and black felt. I doubled the pink felt, cut out the dress pattern, left 4 inches for the arms, and about 5 inches for the neck. I then sewed up the sides, up to the arm holes.

Then I cut triangles out of the black felt. I used felt fabric glue and glued the triangles to the dress. I layed out the triangles on the dress and made sure I liked the way it looked first before gluing. It was freezing here so I had her wear black stockings underneath the dress.

For the bone I used white felt, doubled it then cut out a bone, stuffed it with cotton balls, and super glued it together. Then I hot glued a clip to the back. It was really easy took me two days, worked on it while my little one slept. Had fun making it.

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Pebbles Flinstone Costume”

  1. i love this! I will be going to town this week and getting all materials for this outfit. this will be her first Halloween @ 11 months old.

  2. She is an adorbale pebbles. I am going to use this idea this year, my twins will be pebbles and bam bam! thanks for your cute post!

  3. hey your costume looks great!!! hope mine comes out like yours lol.. i wanted to know how much felt material i should buy an how many yards you used? my daughter will be 10 months during halloween. and i live in philadelphia so any suggestioons on were to pick it up would be helpful i was thinking maybe an a.c moore would have it?


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