Pretty Hand-Crafted Peacock Halloween Costume

I created this peacock Halloween costume by making a tutu out of various colors of tulle (teal, black and purple), gluing peacock feathers which I ordered in bulk on the internet (and “special” ones from my local craft store) all over a corset, and getting long peacock feathers from my local zoo which I attached to a piece of board in a fan-like shape that I was able to slide in and out of the back of my corset (for driving purposes, going to the bathroom, etc!).

Once it was all  together I wore fun eyelashes and matching makeup, paired it with some cute black tights and tall black boots and my peacock costume came to life! I was the ONLY peacock costume out for Halloween in my area last year and got a ton of compliments from people! I also had random strangers approaching me asking if they could take a picture with me!

Looking back I couldn’t have been more happy with the way this costume turned out! Trying to top it this year will be hard!

Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume

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