I have wanted to be a peacock for several years, and as luck would have it my aunt owned a peacock so all I had to do was wait! After a few years she had collected an armload of feathers for me, so I was very lucky because the feathers are expensive! I sketched out the idea and bought the main pieces- a blue bustier, black tutu, and I bought long pieces of tulle in green, blue, and purple and tied them to a belt. I sewed the feathers onto the tulle pieces to create the tail. Since they were on a belt I could easily remove it.

I also sewed the feathers in a fan shape on the bustier (by hand, this took FOREVER). I filled in spots with a black feather boa that I cut up on the bodice and skirt. I made a headpiece with the extra feather (glued to a barrette) and bought matching blue shoes and shiny gloves. I also found a mask that I glued feathers to.

The peacock costume probably took me about 9 hours to assemble, and about $100 in supplies, but it was SO worth it! People were stopping me and going crazy over it. It was a lot of work but I love this costume, I will wear it again!