I woke up two days before Halloween and decided that I wanted a Homemade Peacock Adult Halloween Costume this year! But I wanted to be original and not spend too much money. I had the top from years back which worked really well as it looked like the skin of a peacock with its iridescent colors, and my cousin lent me the skirt (which he ordered online) from years back as well. The only thing left was the tail, which was the hardest part.

I bought a cloth hand fan and spray painted it gold. I then hot glued each feather (which I bought online in a bundle of 100) to it. The fan was perfect as it fanned out naturally. I did 3 layers of feathers. I then made a belt out of ribbon to strap it on by weaving the ribbon through the openings of the fan on the bottom with the ends hanging out to tie it with. I also added an extra piece of ribbon on the top edge of the fan for a double tie. Three hours later and I had the perfect tail.