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Coolest Homemade Patrick Star Halloween Costume

For Halloween this year our family decided on SpongeBob as our theme. I was elected to be Patrick. It was a bit of challenge, since we didn’t have a pattern to base the homemade Patrick Star Halloween costume on, so I had to come up with a lot of paper patterns for the costume first.

The main body, hood and lower feet (knee to ankle) were basically cone shape pieces. The arms were long triangular shapes with rounded ends. For the shorts you just have to do a lot of trial-n-error, until the pattern works out. The feet were just a typical spat design. The main body also had a hula hoop (shortened to 14” Dia.) at shoulder height and a hula hoop (shortened to 26” Dia.) at waist height. The hoops were inserted into a casing seam after all sewing was finished. The top hoop also had eight holes drilled in it, so that four pieces of elastic string could be inserted thru the holes, then knotted at the end of each string (see picture). This kept the top hoop at shoulder height.

The eye and mouth openings in the hood were covered with a piece of needle point plastic sheet, with black felt cut & glued for the eye pupil. The hood also had pieces of interfacing added to the inside (for body). I also included photos of our Krusty Krab float (which was covering a S-10 truck).

Patrick Neck

Krusty Krab Float

Krusty Krab Float (S-10 truck)

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