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Coolest Homemade Pancho Villa Costume

I wanted a costume that nobody else was going to have, so I put this sexy Homemade Pancho Villa Costume together.

The hat is a Chevy’s birthday hat(you know, when you go in and tell them it’s your birthday and they come over and sing and humiliate you with this giant monstrosity of a hat?…ya that one). I spray painted it brown (nothing special, just some spray paint from any hardware store)and let it completely dry. I bought the mustache and bullets at a costume store, you can probably find them anywhere they sell Halloween stuff. The shirt and belt buckle are my grandpa’s.

I found the pants and boots at a thrift store. The toy gun and grenades were purchased (as a lovely set)at a cheap toy store, and spray painted black for uh… historic accuracy). I bought the gun holster at a surplus store. Painted some scruff on and BAM! PANCHO VILLA!

Hope you guys enjoy. My girlfriend and I got tons of complements that night (check her out under Frida Kahlo). We had a lot of fun putting this together!

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