Coolest Homemade Pacman and Ms. Pacman Costume

We went to Lowes and got 2 4’x8′ foam core insulation boards. Also asked for a donation of a refrigerator box for the spine. Got some yellow spray paint ( I think we went through 4 cans) and red felt. I had a scrap of black fabric at the house for the eyes.

Cut your circle, we made 4x 4′ circles. Cut a triangle for the mouth. Make a spine the width of your shoulders with a long cardboard strip. We used a refrigerator box and it made it all the way around. Leave opening for legs. Duct tape everything together. Cut circles for your arms. To get the right height we put them on and poked out from the inside with a knife where they should be.

Then traced an oxyclean bucket for the size. Spray paint. Add felt and cloth with adhesive spray. The bow I made out of extra foam core.

For Ms. Pacman I bought a pair of yellow tights and red gloves. Made boot covers with window block fabric and spray painted red. I bought a 5x white shirt at Walmart and refashioned it to a dress and dyed it yellow. We bought a white long sleeve shirt for my husband and dyed that yellow.

Watch out. The Homemade Pacman and Ms. Pacman Costume probably won’t fit in your car even if its a station wagon. So try not to make them when you have to drive a long distance.