Coolest Homemade Oscar the Grouch Costume

I made this Homemade Oscar the Grouch Costume actually the day of Halloween! I came up with the idea when my teacher offered 10 extra credit points for anyone who comes into class in a costume. I decided to stand in a trash can and say I’m Oscar the grouch, so I thought to myself it would be a great costume.

After class I went to Home Depot, bought a trash can, cut out the bottom and painted it with metallic silver paint as well painted the bottom. I than went to Wallmart, bought body paint, wig, and just over all paints to paint an Oscar the Grouch face on my shirt!

I made this costume with lots of hot glue with a glue gun glued gummy worms and trash to make it look realistic and wrote sesame st on the can! I than proceeded to tie duct tape on the handles for support when I would walk around wearing this costume.

It was a great time, everyone loved the costume, let me know what you guys think?

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