Cool Homemade Optimus Prime Costume

Here is one of my favorite hero’s. The supreme transformer Optimus Prime.

I wanted to make this very cheaply, using recycled cardboard, recycled plastic from Pepsi bottles and easy-to-transform new material such as chrome, mactac and extruded polystyrene.

An important achievement was to make myself as tall and as wide as possible without losing proportion. I actually gained 12″ in height (6’-2’’ to 7’-2’’) and 14″ (24’’ to 38’’) to my chest/shoulders. Naturally, I wanted to preserve some freedom of movement, such as climbing up and down stairs and getting cool shots to my mouth when needed.

Another achievement for a robot costume is to show as little skin as possible. My legs presented real design problems because they are always flexed when you move, dance or walk sideways. The system I designed has the leg box fitting into the knee box which, in turn, fits into the hip box; cardboard flexpads are used so the system retains flexibility. The only skin you can see is at my elbow, when flexing, and at my neck.

The last important part was to add all the details and integrate lighting fixtures. I wanted it to be as realistic as possible, not like a gadget.

I hope you will appreciate the Homemade Optimus Prime Costume as much as I appreciated making it at home and as the other people, who have seen it, have.

 Optimus Prime Costume

 Optimus Prime Costume

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