Coolest Homemade Mystique Halloween Costume Idea

There was this costume competition at a night club and the theme was “comic book vs video game.” I had this idea to go as mystique from Marvel because I really like the homemade Mystique Halloween costume idea and that I didn’t think that anyone would think of it because of it being so hard to be all in blue!

I first got a blue full body leotard and I spent 3 days painting scales all over the costume in 3D fabric paint. I used a combination of a light blue, metallic black and normal black. I wanted to recreate the look of the scales so I looked at photos from the movie and tried to copy the look of the scales as best as I could. I am an art student so paying attention to detail comes easy to me!

I then did the same to a pair of shoes the same colour so I was blue all the way done. I covered my hands neck and face in blue face paint and continued the pattern of the scales on my face. It looked 3d and then I sprayed my hair red and wore yellow cat’s eye contacts. It did take a week of patience but it pulled off in the end, I came second!!!!!!!!

This particular version of Mystique was based on the film version and the point was to create a look that looked as if this was just her skin and no clothes, I think I did a pretty good job!

Homemade Mystique Halloween Costume Idea

The Costume Finalists!