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Creative Homemade Mystique Costume

I made my Homemade Mystique Costume from blue liquid non stretch fabric, over layed it with lace, and encrusted it with paints and glitters, made my mask same way. I felt very transformed all night!

In order to add the lace and layers of paint, I had to stuff the costume with towels and set it on the table. I had to use an entire box of pins to secure the lace before the paint took its function as the adhesive. It was like a life size voo-doo doll on my kitchen table. hehe. I spent one night embellishing the front and the next night embellishing the back.

The costume is actually a unitard shape, and I used a demonstration video on the internet that showed me how to cut the fabric for the unitard without a pattern by measuring my body. It was so rewarding to finally have it come together. It took me about a week to get it completely dry and finished.

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