This is what you need for your Homemade Mystique costume: Blue Paint, Plastic Circles from Walmart, nose and scar wax, adhesive, red hair spray, orange contacts, unitard, and glue.

My costume took 12 hours over the course of 4 days, I molded the wax into circles, squares, and rolled it in to long thin strands for the features of her face.

Then I cut up the circles and bent them into points for her body scales. I also used the excess from the cut up circles for extra scales.

I used a hot glue gun and bumped it in different areas for more texture and I put a darker blue paint on the unitard.

From there I just painted the part of my body that you could see blue, sprayed my hair red and added the orange contacts

It was a great fun project and we had a blast!

Mystique Costume