Coolest Homemade Musketeer Costume

Supplies needed for the Musketeer Costume:

1 roll of duct tape
safety pins
two matching blue pillow cases
1 pair of brown boots
1 pair of bell bottom jeans
long sleeved white collared shirt
tan vest
cowboy hat
large feather

I created the design on the pillowcases by tracing the shapes on card stock to use as a template and then cutting them out of the duct tape with an Exact-o knife. I used a strip of duct tape on the bottom of the pillow cases to seal up the ends. I used safety pins to hold the tunic on and to keep my jean bottoms folded up to imitate the musketeer boot look. The only thing I had to buy was the feather, which I found at Michaels, and the vest which I found at Ross.

The most time consuming part was cutting out the duct tape! The costume was warm and complimented frequently. The only complaint is the huge feather can poke some unsuspecting people in the face.

Homemade Musketeer Costume

Hat & Pillow Cases

Homemade Musketeer Costume