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Coolest Homemade Mummified King Tut Costume

My son originally wanted to go as Jason for Halloween, but then decided against when he heard everyone else was going as that as well. He decided he wanted something more original so after looking around the web and all the great ideas on this site, he decided on mummified king tut. Here’s how we made his Homemade Mummified King Tut Costume.

The shirt and pants are sweats. (Buy Big, because as you add the material it will stiffen a bit and be hard to put on, trust me (I had to start over after almost finishing). I bought a white sheet at Walmart. I ripped it into strips and then soaked them in tea and cinnamon to give them an aged look. I then hot glued the strips over the entire costume in straight and criss cross form.

I bought the mask at the Halloween store. The head piece was just a cut piece of cardboard that I painted. The beard was a banana clip from poruce painted blue and then sticky glued on.

The candy container was an oatmeal container painted with his name in hieroglyphics. I then added some spiders here and there.

Everyone loved the costume and he got great reviews everywhere he went. Hope you enjoyed.

Sweats (he already had)
Sheet 5.25
Mask 3.00
Banana clip 2.50
Container (already had)

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