Coolest Homemade Ms. Pac Man and Blinky the Ghost Couple Costume

We were invited to an 80’s themed Halloween party and wanted to come up with something different. My boyfriend (the ghost) came up with the idea of a Homemade Ms. Pac Man and Blinky the Ghost Couple Costume. I wasn’t exactly sure how to execute it.

We went to a craft supply store and found large rolls of foam in yellow and red. Cut them out in a circle for ms. Pac man and a rounded rectangle with zig zagz on the bottom for the ghost. Also used to the foam to create the eyes, bow, lips, etc.

We made 2 sides for each costume and reinforced them with card board so they would lay flat. Then cut straps which were lined with an old t-shirt to make sure they didn’t stretch too much, then we connected each side of costume so all we had to do was put it on over our heads.

They were fairly inexpensive, about $35.00 both costumes combined. I wouldn’t say they were uncomfortable but took up lots of room! Overall I think they turned out great and we got lots of compliments!