Cool Homemade Ms. Frizzle Costume

My children grew up watching The Magic School Bus and we all loved Ms. Frizzle. Last year, my daughter, 16, told me that I would make a perfect Ms. Frizzle, so I decided to whip up the costume.

I searched for what I thought was the perfect fabric, then I searched for the perfect pattern. I pieced the dress together from 3 different patterns. I found the perfect shoes online. Not only were they the right color, but they were so comfortable. The finishing touch was a lizard from the internet. I wore the outfit for a convention this past weekend. When I put it on, aside from my naturally straight hair, I felt that something was just lacking. My daughter gave me a crinoline I had made for a 1950’s style outfit I had made for her.

With the addition of the crinoline, my dress poofed out just right and I became Ms. Frizzle. As I walked around the convention we attended, I was ecstatic with the response from the young adults that wanted me to take a picture with them, or just a picture of myself to capture the moment. I also had a few young “fans”. It was a wonderful day hearing young adults tell me that I was their childhood. Now that I have the outfit, when school starts back, I will take great pleasure in visiting local elementary schools and reading some of The Magic School Bus books to the children.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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