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Cool Homemade Mr. Potato Head Halloween Costume

I have always made my kids’ costumes myself. This year, I got the idea from his favorite movie “Toy Story”, deciding to dress him up as Mr. Potato Head!! It was a fun project.

All of the pieces are Velcro so you can change the face as you would on the toy. Everything is stuffed so it can actually look 3D from far away. The inside of the costume has lining and is also stuffed to shape Mr. Potato Head’s body. (Tip: try saving the stuffing for last because, once he’s stuffed, it’s a lot harder to stitch anything on).

I made the ears out of foam paper so they would look plastic, however everything else is just made out of soft furry material. The shoes are stitched to the entire costume and pinned up a bit so he can walk without tripping over them; they are also wide enough to give him room to move his feet.

This Homemade Mr. Potato Head Halloween Costume is a heavy costume but my son did not mind wearing it the entire time!

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