Coolest DIY Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Couple Costume

Used “Headliner” Fabric for the skin of potato…’s good because it has foam on the back side so it gives it some poof. I had to line it with an old sheet because the foam won’t go through sewing machine, easily. The lining is good anyway if you decide you want to stuff it.

All features of the Homemade Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Couple Costume were done in felt or fleece and stuffed. Hats were made out of that thin foam you get at craft stores – they sell it in big wide rolls.

This was lots of fun and we got a ton of compliments. We even won best costumes at the party!

10 thoughts on “Coolest DIY Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Couple Costume”

  1. I think your costume looks amazing. I am in the process of trying to re-create your look. How was the hat made and attached to the outfit?? Any other advise you have would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hello I love your costume. Do you want to sell it I am looking for this costume for our Christmas Program. Write back and please let me know.

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