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Coolest Homemade Mouldy Zombie Costume

When “Dr. Gangrene” Nashville’s Horror Host invited viewers to be part of the show when he aired “Night of the Living Dead”, we jumped at the chance of being zombies. My homemade mouldy zombie costume began with a trip to the local Goodwill, an excellent place to get used clothing cheap. A full suit, black shirt, and “power tie”. Then while wearing it my wife slashed it and then we rolled it in the mud outside.

The face makeup is Ben Nye green and gray with dark circles around the eyes for effect. The peeling scar is just flesh latex and then covered with makeup. On the opposite side of my face (not visible) we used Collodion to create scars.

Gray helps enhance areas not in shadow like cheeks and forehead and the ball of the chin. All areas normally in shadow are highlighted with dark makeup to enhance the sunken look including under the cheekbones, lower lip, and under the chin. Dark black lips complete the look. I went with this because my wife was doing the “pale zombie” with dark black and purple shadows and we like to mix it up.

I made the hands from store-bought skeleton-hand gloves. I made them one at a time. With one glove on I covered it with flesh latex. Before it fully dried I removed it and dried it from the inside with a blow dryer. Then I put it back on and rubbed in greens, grays, reds (and just about any other color we had in the makeup box). I was also able to peel back some of the latex and rub color under the flap for a “rotting” effect.

The hair is mine, left long, and “highlighted” with gray washable hair spray. The over spray falls on the shoulders and looks dusty.

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