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Coolest Homemade Mothership Q from Rockband Costume

My 10-year-old son wanted a Homemade Mothership Q from Rockband Costume from the video game RockBand 2.

The jumpsuit was made from thrift store baseball pants (99 cents) and athletic shirt (99 cents). The small white dots were painted with fabric paint. Stripes down the side are white duct tape. The neck piece was made from white vinyl ($30 @ yard, really blew the budget), silver duct tape, and a brown piece of felt (30 cents). The cuffs were the white vinyl, spray painted black, and dots painted with acrylic paint. The belt ($2), originally brown, was spray painted white. It was inserted through slits, at front and back, to anchor the neck piece.

I purchased the scarf ($5) and wig new. The wig came with the pick, which I spray-painted white. Sunglasses donated by grandma after a trip to the eye doctor.

Purchased the thrift store boots ($8). They are women’s size 9. Added the white vinyl to the top with fabric glue, hot glue and duct tape. Hot glued the laces on. The white toe detail is white duct tape. Made the platforms by gluing 4 layers of 1/8” cork to the bottom of the boot with Gorilla glue. Sanded the sides of the cork and filled in with plastic wood then painted white with acrylic paint.

The costume was accessorized with either the black and white RockBand guitar or a microphone.
Please note, originally, for the sake of accuracy, my son wore black make up, as the character is black. That is why the felt center section is brown. It was supposed to match the skin color, as the character’s jumpsuit is open down to the waist. Upon arrival at school for the Halloween parade, I was asked by an administrator to remove the make up. I honestly meant no disrespect and apparently was naive about the use of black make up by some white people to evoke ugly racial stereotypes or to mimic black face.

So I would recommend, if you make this costume, to match the center panel to your child’s natural skin color and skip the make up.

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