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Coolest Homemade Monty Python’s Spamalot Couple Costume

I created this Spamalot Couple costume for my daughter and her boyfriend after going to see Spamalot. They wanted something different for their costume this year and so, with some imagination and lots of glue, here is the result.

For the Knight Who Says “Ni”, I made a long, black robe. The material was cheap and it was very easy to sew, with just a couple of seams. The helmet was a $3 silver paint bucket. I cut the bucket to match the photos from the program. I bid on a pair of mule deer antlers online for less than $10 and wired them into the bucket, adding some moss. I trimmed it all with fake fur and an old belt topped it off in addition to a large fake fur collar. The helmet was a bit heavy so I added a chin strap made from an old belt.

My daughter, who dressed as ‘Shrubbery’, wore a very simple halter dress, made of a cotton print, with leaves on it. Over the dress, I stitched silk vines and leaves which cost about $8 at Walmart. I made a headpiece with the leftover vine. I dismantled a plastic picket fence, drilled holes in the pieces and stitched them to the bottom of the dress.

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  1. oh yeah – I believe this will be our costume this year – thanks for the tip about the halter dress as the base and the bucket for the knight – I can’t wait!!!


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