Coolest Homemade Monster’s Inc Boo Costume

After my daughter got her first haircut last October, people kept telling us how much she looked like Boo from Monster’s Inc. I decided that Monster’s Inc Boo Costume would be a great costume for Halloween, but I couldn’t find one anywhere in her size (9-12 mo.). She wasn’t walking yet so I figured I could try to make one with my limited skills.

I managed to do it with no sewing, I am sure someone with an ounce of sewing ability would do a much better job, but it was easy and at my husband’s office Halloween party all the little kids instantly recognized who she was. I used a shinny purple fabric, purple ribbon to add her ribbing detail, Styrofoam balls and black puffy point on hangers for her eyes, rope for her hair, and felt for the teeth.

I bought a gray sweatshirt and added sequins to the sleeves. For my first attempt at a homemade costume it turned out pretty good!

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