Coolest Homemade Miss Argentina Costume

This is me dressed in my Homemade Miss Argentina Costume from Beetlejuice.

For the costume, I made the cape out of metal wire for a neck piece and then sewed mesh red fabric with diamontees around the metal frame. I then pinned a meter of fabric to the frame and this was tied under my arms to hold in place. The dress was home made from a pattern.

It is impossible to find a cheap wig that will sit correctly so I bought a cheap wig that was the matching red/orange colour and cut the fringe out and pinned in to my hair. I put my hair in a bun and pinned in pieces from the wig to create a beehive look.

The makeup was blue green body paint that was applied all over. I took a dark blue eyeshadow and created a highlight on blush on the cheek bone. I then put dark and medium purple eyeshadow on my eyelids with shading. I then added a ring of purple eyeshadow under my eyes and dark blue in the corners and down the edges of the nose to create shadowing. I used light green eyeshadow as a shimmer.

The final effect was a Miss Argentina sash which was black letters that stuck onto a thick white ribbon and was pinned together.

6 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Miss Argentina Costume”

  1. You seem to be one of the few ones with that perfect, blue/green color. Where did you find the make up? I’d really love to do this next year!

    please reply!

  2. Hi,
    i used stage makeup that you mix with water on a sponge (reasonably cheap) in a blueish green colour in two shades one darker and one lighter for highlighting etc
    and i also used purple, blue and green eye shadow try and create shadow effects along the nose cheeks and under eyes.

  3. Also, i found the body paint at a stagecraft store and the eyeshadow i just bought a palette of about 30 colours that was about $20
    if you are in Australia you can get it from priceline

  4. sorry after Halloween.
    i made it. i went to a fabric store and bought meshy red fabric and with wire from a hardware store. shaped the neck part and connected through the middle to make it stable and stand up. i then stitched the fabric around it

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