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Coolest Homemade Minotaur Child Halloween Costume Idea

My son decided on a homemade Minotaur child Halloween costume idea this year. The body was easy. I made a long sleeve shirt and leggings in a nude color. I then bought some cow hide-looking fur. I made him fur shorts, shirt and a neck warmer. I made pleather hooves and attached them to some fur to make boot covers.

I bought textured pleather and made his armor. I fashioned a belt and sewed on four flaps. I then added big silver buttons above my each flap. For the chest armor I cut a large oval and cut a hole for my son’s head. I again added the silver buttons around it and painted a big silver head onto some felt, cut it out and sewed it too the center.

Now for the head. My husband bought 3-inch wide sheets of foam and glued them all together to make a head sized block. Once dry he carved a bull head shape with his dremel. He also cut out big horn shapes from the foam. He measured my son’s head and hollowed out a hole to fit. He then marked spots for the eye holes and cut them out. He glued the horns to the head.

Once dry I painted the head to match the fur as close as I could using browns and blacks. I attached a piece of fur to the forehead and down the back. I added pleather and silver studs around the base of the horns. I also painted the inside of the head because the foam was flaking off and making a big mess.

The head fit perfectly, I had intended on attaching the fur on head to the neck warmer but it stayed on without it. I added the store bought weapon and wrist armor and he was done. He loved it.

Homemade Minotaur Child Halloween Costume Idea

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