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Coolest Homemade Mini Mad Scientist and Assistant Optical Illusion Costume

How to be a not-so-typical Mad Scientist! I had been in awe of the backpack monster costumes with aliens and other sorts on different websites, so I came up with my own version of a Homemade Mini Mad Scientist and Assistant Optical Illusion Costume.

I took an old school bag backpack, the kind with rollers and the handle to drag it. I duct-taped a large dowel rod to the inside post of the handle and duct-taped a hanger to give my monster shape. I then placed a pillow in the backpack, put an old long-sleeved shirt over the backpack and started stuffing it with plastic grocery bags to create his shape. A white lab coat was put over this. A gruesome zombie head was attached with tie wraps to the top of the dowel rod/hanger, but this was covered with a Storm Trooper mask so as not to be too scary for the little kids; we took it off later.

I also attached gloves to the sleeves of the Assistant’s lab coat, stuffed them and hooked them together with wire to “hold” my Mad Scientist’s body. The little body is a baby doctor costume that I sewed closed, after stuffing it with polyfill, and then dressed with socks, shoes and a lab coat to make it look realistic. A piece of binding ribbon was then glued to the neckline of the baby costume (to tie around my neck). Three holes were cut in the shirt of the monster. One hole to allow my head and two holes to allow my hands to pass through the baby lab coat for the little scientist to use.

An extra-large pair of scrub pants was purchased at a dollar store that would allow me to pull it up over the bottom end of the backpack to make it appear as though I was being carried! Don’t forget to wear extra large boots and walk with large monster-like steps since it is a monster holding you!

I wore this costume two years in a row and got great compliments from people and little kids who wanted to know who was carrying me and why. My excuse was that I had had a lab accident and my helper carried me everywhere since I was so little.

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