Coolest Homemade Mike Wasowski Costume

My girlfriend was sick of looking for a costume where all she could find were ‘sexy’ versions of characters. So about 2 months prior to Halloween she suggested that she should find the most random and unflattering costume about and jokingly mentioned a Homemade Mike Wasowski Costume from Monsters Inc. After a few days I came back to her and asked how serious she was about the idea.

To work I went with a large exercise ball, some newspaper, plaster bandage and paint! I basically just started paper macheing onto the inflated ball adding some plaster bandage for strength. I waited till it dried, cut the holes for her and gave it a paint job. The horns are the pointy bits out of egg cartons.

We had a friend of ours sew a green lycra body suit that covered her arms and legs and a simple toy construction helmet painted blue on her head.

She was a hit of the party but couldn’t sit down so it came off near the end of the night. She’s going to hate me for putting this up!

9 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Mike Wasowski Costume”

  1. I love the costume and you have inspired me to attempt to make this costume for Halloween 2009. I have been wanting to dress up as Mike Wazowski for years. Thank you.
    Sparks, NV

  2. Her Hate For My Extreme Thankfulness! ;)
    We are having a Disney day for my High schools Homecomming dress up days and this was exactly what I wanted to do.

  3. my daughter is 1 1/2 (looks just like boo) and my husband towers us both. Jokingly, I suggested to a friend that we were going to go as the Monsters Inc. clan and they loved it – thanks for the idea!

  4. It looks great – good work! …and good on her for choosing such an original idea and rejecting the sexy skank costumes out there. Halloween is much more fun without the bimbos in bustiers pretending they are wearing a costume! My daughter loves the idea!

  5. the costume just slips on and off over her head. To her credit, she keep it on for almost the entire night only caving right at the end of the party cause she couldn’t sit down in it!

    good luck folks!

  6. Just wondering do you cut holes when the ball is inflated or deflated because mine isn’t strong enough without the ball inflated. If I cut it when it’s inflated would it deflate?

  7. You’ll need to use plaster bandage to strengthen the ball first. Then deflate ( I left an joke in the bottom) remove the ball, then cut the holes. Hope this helps.

    If I’d made this now, I’d use some fiberglass for extra strength and sculpt the horns myself but if you’re after a cheap, simple option this’ll work a treat.

    Good luck,

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