Original Homemade Michael Jackson Costume

I am so lucky to have awesome kids that love Michael Jackson as much as I do! My son told me he wanted to be the King of Pop and I was thrilled!!

This homemade Michael Jackson costume was one of the easiest costumes to put together.

We tracked down some black dress pants he had out grown, added a white button up long sleeve dress shirt and a plain with t-shirt and some black dress shoes that we already had at home. We bought some aviator glasses and the black fedora hat.

I could not find a sparkly glove anywhere. I ended up buying a pair of ladies gloves that went all the way up to the elbow and I just cut it down to fit like a regular glove. I was able to use the scraps of the glove to use over his socks. It turned out perfect!

We had tons of compliments and my son was the only Michael Jackson we saw. This is by far my favorite costume we’ve ever put together!

Homemade Michael Jackson Costume