Cool Homemade Master Shake Costume

Well my friends and I wanted to be Aqua Teen Hunger Force for obvious reasons, so we looked into buying the costumes. With Halloween being this weekend, most were out of stock. It would have cost about $50-60 for a Master Shake costume to be shipped in time, which I found to be way too expensive. My friends still bought theirs, even though they don’t really have the money to afford to do so. Anyway, to complete the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I had to create my own homemade Master Shake costume.

I paid about $20 for all supplies at Meijer. I took a black trash can, since they didn’t have white, and spray painted it using two cans. I then used a steak knife to cut out the bottom of the can, arm holes, and a slot along the top to see out of. A permanent market drew on the eyes and mouth, and some pipe cleaners twisted together formed the straw. Finally, some yellow rubber cleaning gloves.

Homemade Master Shake Costume

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