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Coolest Homemade Mario Brothers Bob-Omb Costume

Every once in awhile my husband and I refer to my little destructive infant son Henry as H-Bomb, so it was quite fitting for us to choose a Bob-Omb from Mario as his first costume. I sewed the entire costume myself (except for the long sleeve top underneath) out of fleece and felt with a combination or machine and hand sewing.

I absolutely love how the costume turned out, and wouldn’t change one little thing. Henry, on the other hand, was not very found of his Bob-Omb costume and cried the ENTIRE time he had it on. Which I guess is quite understandable since he was only eight months old at the time.  This lovely costume now decorates little Henry’s closet and I plan on keeping it and treasuring it forever and ever. I don’t know if I will ever top his first costume, it was simply too adorable. Thanks for your time!

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