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Coolest Homemade Man in the Yellow Hat Costume

This Homemade Man in the Yellow Hat Costume is from Curious George.

white hat (Fishing hat in this case)
Then went over to the craft section and found
a dandelion Yellow Acrylic paint (usually under a $1)
and a 8x 11 piece of yellow Foam.
Also need a piece of yarn about 12” long (in our case white)
And a pony bead
Foam Stickers shapes help too (for shapes on the tie, ours were dinosaur shaped because that is what we had)
Foam Paint Brush (or any other kind)
Yellow Shirt
Kahaki / off white /yellow slacks
Black or dark belt
Toy Monkey helps but optional.
Created a “Tie” shape freehand (just the knot and the tail).

I then punched 2 small holes at the top of either side of the knot. Then tie a knot to hold it onto the foam (I tied the string to itself with the foam in between because I didn’t want the foam ripping if he tugged on it.

I threaded the pony bead on the yarn folded then knotted it to keep the bead on the string, making a tightening and losing mechanism (similar to sunglasses holders)

I then applied various stickers onto the tie, causing some to hang over. I cut off the “overhangs” to keep the shape and used the overhangs on the other half of the tie at a different point higher or lower. The dinosaur foam stickers we used had dots for eyes and mouth they became parts of the tie’s background to fill space.

From there I took the acrylic paint and watered it down until it was almost drippy but still very intense color and I started applying it all over the hat with the brush. My goal was to change the color, not make the hat stiff with paint. It worked well.

The next morning, I dressed my son in the yellow polo, and off white shirt. Putting on the Hat, Tie and Dark Belt and shoes. He chose to leave his monkey at home (so Curious George could get in trouble at our house!) as he went trick-or-treating.

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