Coolest Homemade Malecifent Costume

I got my inspiration for this Malecifent costume from a purple dress at a local thrift shop. From there I added a men’s silk robe and then proceeded to cut the sleeves and hem in a jagged fashion. I then glued purple material to be longer than the black sleeves and hem to make it look like her robe was flowing and also glued a velvet purple interior so when the robe hung open you saw the purple sticking out.

Purple ribbon was then glued to the edge of the robe (I’m sewing challenged but have great skills with a hot glue gun). For the collar I used multiple pieces of foam from a craft store and a feather boa. The headpiece was the biggest challenge, I found a headband and glued the horns I’d made to that, the horns were made with pipe cleaners, aluminum foil and black duct tape. I then took a black face mask and strategically cut holes in that I could put the horns thru as well as the little notch that goes down on her face.

For the staff I used an old broom handle covered in black duct tape and then attached a Styrofoam glittery Christmas ornament to it. More duct tape was added with talon like cut outs that went up on the ball, a fake crow topped it off.