Coolest Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume Idea

Halloween has always been a family favorite and we tend to go all out, and every year we have a Halloween costume contest and since Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors I decided to go once again with one of his many characters. Last year I was Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean so this year I decided on the Mad Hatter from the 2010 Alice in Wonderland!

I actually started his hat in July because I knew it would take awhile to find all the right products I needed. I started with poster board for the base and rolled it into a cylinder and big as my head. I then hot glue gunned a circular base. I stretched fabric over that and also hot glued that to. I then took a thin wire and stretched it into a circle ad put the deal over that, stretched the fabric over that and sewed it on for the brim.

After the hat was complete, I spray painted it with gold green and black and put an old curtain over it for a vintage look. A thicker salmon scarf I colored from an old pillow case was then wrapped around it and the size card was inserted under the scarf. For finishing touches I added peacock feathers and vintage hat pins.

For the jacket, I picked it up an old one from a thrift store and dyed it green and other various colors and added lace on the cuffs and lapel, I already had the vest and put pin stripes on it, as well as the button down shirt. For the Aresenal of Thread I put about 20 new threads on a string and connected them to an old belt so it would hold when i wore it. The pin stripe pants I also already had and they were good as they were, and then got some funky socks and some guy boots from a thrift store as well. For fingerless gloves I used a couple old socks, lace and spray paint and sewed them all together, rubbed my hands with dirt and added a thimble for effect.

For his hair and makeup: I used an old orange wig and chopped it off and frayed the edges and sprayed them with product so it would stay up, and for the makeup just Halloween makeup, eye shadows, pink lipstick, and white eyelashes!

And that was pretty much it for this Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume Idea, VERY time consuming but so much fun! Can’t wait for next Halloween!

Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume Idea