Cool Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

I wanted to design a homemade Mad Hatter Halloween costume that was as close to the Hatter character (colors/design) as possible, so this made it fun!

Pre-wash all fabric prior to sewing if you do choose to sew costume.

JACKET: sewing pattern re-designed for Hatter jacket (cuff on arms, open seam in back with two covered buttons, double-notched collar, fun polka-dot patterned fabric for lining).

VEST: used same jacket sewing pattern for the vest (minus the arms, used white for the stand-up collar, added two fabric covered buttons in front, used snaps for the front opening closure and to the bow tie – washed green and white fabric together prior to sewing to be sure they didn’t bleed).

VEST/PANTS: slip-stitched vest to pants that were traced from pajama bottoms plus I added more inches to the waist so that it matched the circumference of the vest hem.

BELLY: although it’s a little hard to see, I made him a belly by sewing a small pillow and elastic wide enough to go around his waist so that the costume would stick out.

SHOES: spray painted old tennis shoes green.

HAT: used YouTube Mad Hatter instructional video for hat using stretchy fabric in the Hatter green, poster board for the hat, foam core for top of hat, wire hanger for brim, and vest green for band on hat, then garnished it with the 10/6 tag.

HAIR: The wig was a cheap $6 one from Wal-mart that we cut short. Was going to do the bushy black eyebrows, but didn’t have time. Had our son watch the video a few times the week of and he wore the hat almost the entire time we were out. Would have made a tea cup for his lantern if I had the time, oh well.

Here’s the tutorial video I used:

Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume