Awesome Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

For my ghostly Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume, I started with the hat. I added purple satin under the grey tulle, added a brim of the same fabric. I hot glued a peacock feather, added hat pins and the price tag stating “in this style 10/6”. Under the hat is a curly red wig that was teased and pulled out to look crazy.

The eye brows are made from a theatrical mustache of human hair cut in half and dyed red, teased, trimmed and sprayed with hairspray. They were attached with spirit gum after the makeup was applied. White foundation was applied to entire face and neck. Purple eye shadow was applied to upper and lower eyelids with and just below cheek bones. White eyeliner applied to the inner eyelid and as eyelashes on lower lid. Just draw 5 small lines just under your own lashes.

I used mascara primer as white mascara. My nails are painted orange with a thimble on my finger. My thumb is taped up. I found a retro fitted sports coat in red and purple. I stitched white lace to the sleeves of a tuxedo shirt and stained it with tea. I found some checked pants that clashed just right. A scarf was fashioned into an oversized bow tie. And another scarf draped from the pants’ waistband.

I linked 20 spools of different colored tread with a leather cord and sewed it onto a cotton belt and worn as a sash over the sports coat.