Original Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

My Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume was inspired by Tim Burton’s new movie “Alice in Wonderland” due for release in 2010. I love the twist that Burton puts on all his characters in his films, which is one of the reasons I chose to model my costume on his version of the Mad Hatter. My wife and I made the entire costume ourselves.

Materials Used: clothes and shoes from the thrift store, paints(acrylic & spray), glues, fabric remnants, buttons, wooden spools, colored string, foam core, peacock feather jewelry, yellow/green contacts, red/orange hair tracks, hair weave cap, hair track glue, tea cup and saucer, yellow nail polish, white and black tape.

It took us nearly a month to put together and 3 hours to apply all makeup and put the costume on. However, we had a lot of fun making it and we hope everyone enjoys the end result.