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Coolest Homemade Lydia Deetz Costume

To make my homemade Lydia Deetz costume I raided my closest ha ha.

I wore my long black broom skirt and tall black combat boots. I wore my husband’s button down black dress shirt (I didn’t tuck it in to give it that Lydia over-sided feel).

I wore fingerless lace black gloves. I had a black lace table cover that I used as a shawl. I cut a piece of black lace and tied it around my neck for a necklace.

I purchased a Bettie Page style wig. I cut it shorter and pulled half of it up in a black pony tale holder. I tweezed it a ton to give it that ratted spiky fun look. I cut the bangs and used gel and hairspray to get the spiky bang look she always has in the movie.

The biggest hit of the homemade Lydia Deetz costume I think was my book. I printed out a picture of the Hand Book from the Recently Deceased and glued it to the cover of an old book I had. I carried it with me all night and used it when posing for pictures.

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