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Coolest Homemade SNL Lunch Lady and Sloppy Joe Couple Costume

Inspired from the SNL Skit!

Homemade Sloppy Joe Costume:

We found 2 circular cushions at Joann fabrics. We were also lucky enough to find that yellow fabric with brown splotches, which looks like a toasted bun (we initially planned to just use yellow and lightly spray paint it with brown but the fabric we can across was perfect).  The meat is made with felt-different shades of brown, green and red for the peppers.  Cut yellow foam paper and glued it to the corners as cheese.  Also thought it would be cute to add a toothpick. We bought one of those jumbo pencils, shaved it down, then added clear plastic to make it a fancy toothpick.

Lunch Lady:

Dress and shoes were purchased from Goodwill and the stockings were purchased from a department store. Underneath the dress is a homemade Santa “fatsuit”.  It basically shoulder holders with stuffed lumps on the front and back.  It was worn reversed to make the lunch booty nice and big (as opposed to Santa’s belly) and also gave the lunch lady some boobies in the front.  Glasses were the “lunch lady’s” grandfather glasses.  We found rubber warts at a Halloween store and glued them on the lunch lady’s face. Wig was used a few years prior for a Fred and Wilma Flintstone costume.

I still have the Sloppy Joe and we love sitting on it like a couch cushion and so does our cat!  Every thought the costumes were hilarious!

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