I’m a bit of a pack rat, and I’ve had about 20 yards of this red plush fur cluttering up my house for a while. I finally decided to do something with it, and this Looney Toons Gossamer costume was the end result.

I started with a costume pattern that was actually for an “Elvis” or “Saturday Night Fever” jumpsuit. I sewed the jumpsuit according to the pattern, leaving out the large collar and bell-bottom panels. The interior structure for the head wass actually a discarded couch cushion: the cushion was rectangular foam surrounding a box-spring assembly. I cut the foam cover in half, removed the springs, and turned the foam inside-out, so it naturally formed the two-humped shape of the monster’s head. I cut out matching front and back panels, and then a 9” gusset for the top and sides.

The eyes were made from the perforated plastic used for needlepoint, with spray-painted pupils, and the mouth was made from see-through theatrical scrim. The shoes were originally cheap plastic blue clown shoes, painted white, with black accents added with gaffer’s tape. I also made gloves with claws, though they are not visible in this picture. The best response I got all night on Halloween was on Hollywood Blvd: a mounted policeman leaned over to me and said: “You kinda look like my ex-wife, first thing in the morning!”