Coolest Homemade Little Boo from Monster’s Inc Costume

Every time our daughter wore her hair in pigtails, people mentioned she looked just like Boo from Monster’s Inc, so this year was the perfect opportunity for her to be Boo for Halloween!

I looked online for patterns or ideas, but only a few came up and I wasn’t into improvising. So off to the fabric store! My daughter is 2 yrs old, so we didn’t need much fabric to begin our Homemade Little Boo from Monster’s Inc Costume. We bought:

– 1.3 yards of purple for the body part
– some gray metallic shine fabric for the arms (1/2 yard)
– cheap gray fabric for lining the body and hood
– iron-on batting to quilt the body and hoodie
– Velcro to close the costume on the back
– 2 Styrofoam balls and plastic tape to keep the hood open and stretched.

I cut a rectangle for the body, quilted it and added the horizontal lines as in the original. We then made the arms, improvising as we went along. I cut some slits on the body and pinned the arms to it. Luckily it worked out perfectly. I’m sure a more experienced seamstress would have done it more easily.

To create the hood part, I used paper towels and tape and made a mold to make sure I was cutting the right pieces. Somebody recommended I buy muslin and make the costume out of that first to ensure no mistakes, but I ran out of time. The mini paper toweled model worked fine.

Final details included:

– buying the yarns for the hair and sewing them inside the hood as I was closing the pieces.
– attaching the eyes with an old metal hanger. (My hubby recommended I add a spiral to the hanger’s tips to screw the eyes to and prevent them falling out. Clever!)
– finding the hair accessories for my daughter, and
– adding shoulder straps to the costume so it wouldn’t slip off.

My little one was totally into it. I’m not very experienced with the sewing machine, so it took me aprox. 10 hours to make it. One tip: don’t wait till the week before Halloween to make it! It was a super fun though.

Monsters Inc. Costume

Monsters Inc. Costume

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  1. Hello I am desperate for a Boo costume for my daughter (we have nicknamed her boo as she looks like her) she is going to a fancy dress party in august do u make them to sell by chance?

  2. I would also LOVE to purchase one for my daughter if you are willing to sell. looks like you could make a business out of this

  3. I’ll try it! You made it seem simple enough and I am clueless when it comes to sewing! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  4. Would you be interested in making on of these costumes for my daughter. I am serious. I have no creative talent and I have looked everywhere for a costume like this. Please let me know how much you would want for it.

  5. Is it possible to get one of these made (or sell me the one you made for your daughter)? My daughter is 2 1/2, but very tiny, she doesn’t quite fit 24 months and I would love to make her Boo for Halloween this year. If you would be willing to make this costume for me, how much would it cost? Thanks in advance for your comment back.

  6. I am trying to make my own for this Halloween everything seems so simple, but for some reason I seem stumped on how i would make the hoodie… I’ve been trying to figure it out, but I would like to hear how you did yours, since it looks so perfect… how many pieces and what shapes…? please, i need your help in order for my own costume to be as cute as yours… thank you…

  7. I love the costume you made for your daughter. I have been looking for a Boo costume and cant seem to find one. My son (who is my daughter’s twin) is going to be Mike from Monsters Inc. I would so buy a Boo costume from you if you would sell.. Please let me know if that’s a possibility.. I have absolutely no talent for stuff like this. Thanks so much.

  8. Hello! when I submitted the costume to this website, I never got a notification that it had been selected. So I never saw that people were looking to buy or make this costume. It’s 2 years later and just now I’m seeing all these comments. I’ll keep checking back to see if someone wants to buy it. I still have the costume in excellent condition. Cheers!

  9. I saw this posting, because I am looking for a place to purchase or easily make a Boo costume for my 2-year-old daughter. As I was reading the comments, I was wondering what the chances are that you’d still be making/selling it years later, but since I saw your last comment I have hope! Please let me know if you are still selling it and if so, how much. You can contact me at becasue I don’t exactly know how to find this post again to check for a reply! Thank you!

  10. want to purchase this costume,,,or if you can make one for my daughter,,,Here’s my email,,,please contact me with details as to what you can do for me,,,Thanks have a blessed day ;0)

  11. Hi there!!! I am also interested in buying one of these costumes…You should go into business on!!! PLEASE let me know if you will ever open a shop, of if I could pay you to created one of these for my 11 month old for halloween!
    GREAT JOB!!!
    High five!!!


  12. My daughter is 9 months old, but she has been walking almost a month now, so by Halloween she will definitely be able to wear a costume and walk with us. I also have a son and am pregnant. I am hoping to make myself a shirt with a Mike Wazowski for my preggo belly and have my son dress as Sully. I would be very interested in purchasing a Boo outfit from you if you can make one around a 12 months size for my daughter. My email is Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much :)

  13. Wondering if you would be able to make it for my daughter who will be 1 by halloween. I would love to purchase this costume…if not I might have to learn how to be creative and make one because she NEEDS this costume!

  14. Oh my gosh as I’m reading all your comments I agree with everyone! This is sooo cute!!! I would love to purchase one from you or even rent one. My daughter just turned 1 year old, and weighs about 21 lbs. Please email me if you can make us one!! :)

  15. can you please e-mail me on how you attached and made the hoodie in more detail or maybe take a picture? It’s such an odd thing since it’s backwards? Thanks. Here’s my e-mail:

  16. im going to reiterate everyone here, i need this costume. again people say how my daughter is boo’s double. but im in the UK and need it for halloween, is this possible??
    im more than happy to pay what it costs.
    money waiting
    she is 3.

    email :-

    many many thanks

  17. Lisa, is this your daughter? She looks just like my daughter. It scared me. I was wondering who put my daughter on the internet ha. She is very cute. Love the costume.

  18. I calculated the time it’d take and how much the materials would cost to make the costume again and it is not cheap. It’d be at least $80 + shipping. I made it as close as possible to the real thing : ) I will put the costume on Etsy and offer to make more. Email me if interested. Thanks for the cool feedback everyone!

  19. I just wanted to Thank you so much for this tutorial I was looking everywhere on how to make it and I ran across your tutorial. It was so helpful. I’m still working on it but so far it’s looking good :) thanks again!

  20. This by far has been my favorite Boo costume! I’m not sure if you ever got back to any of the requests made by the others, but I was wondering if you could possibly make and sell me one for my 7 month old daughter (9 months in October). I could also pay for the materials and shipping as well as the costume itself. I can be contacted by email at ishamarie03[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thank you!

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