Cool Homemade Little Bo Peep and Sheep Costume

My wife wanted to go as Little Bo Peep, and of course, I would get the lucky role, as the Sheep. Originally I was going to make the Sheep costume out of cotton balls. But after reading the warning page on this site, I decided there had to be a safer method. I decided to make my costume out of bathroom rugs.

It took four large rugs to make this. The sheep’s head was built around a ball cap, with the nose cut out of a spray-paint can lid. Due to the rubber backing on the rug, the pants ended up being heavy and were hard to keep on. This was easily solved with suspenders, worn under the top. I was afraid that this costume was going to be extremely hot, but, amazingly, I kept cool. I did wear long johns under the pants as, without them, it would have been an uncomfortable night!

The costume was very comfortable, besides the embarrassment. But I wore it proudly, and our homemade Little Bo Peep and Sheep costumes were the hit of the party.

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